Resident Lifestyle

Our Facility

Palm Valley has recently been remodeled and increased our bed capacity. We are currently licensed for 170 beds, providing a warm, friendly and family-like atmosphere for our residents. Built in 1999, Palm Valley provides many features including vaulted ceilings, spacious courtyards, library (complete with movies, Nintendo Wii, and free internet access), many community community rooms, a brand new state-of-the-art gym and ample family meeting areas.

We have a common area adjacent to our main dining room where entertainment is held everyday for our residents. Palm Valley has many courtyards throughout the facility that allows our residents to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment.

We can accommodate both private as well as semi-private rooms in any of our units.

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Activities Programming

All of our residents have choices from a myriad of activities available to them. Each day they have the opportunity to choose which activity they wish to participate in, whether it is a group, independent leisure activities or one to one visits with Activity Staff and trained volunteers. The Activity Program at Palm Valley Rehab and Care Center is designed to meet the interests, needs and abilities of each and every resident whether they are here for rehab or if they are making us their home. Every unit has their own individualized calendar to provide for those interests and needs.

The Sub-Acute Unit offers activities that instill independence and help to create or maintain a positive attitude about their overall well-being. We believe that participation in activities, whether they be in their room, in groups, with family or other staff, go hand in hand with the healing process. Maintaining a positive mind and active body assists in the rehabilitation process so that they can return to their prior level of living (home, assisted living, group home) much sooner.

Each person has the opportunity to participate in leisure activities in their rooms, i.e., reading, crafts, word games and puzzles, hand held computer games, movies, music, manicures and more. The Activity Staff also offer non-pharmacological approaches to pain and stress management. They are offered lotion therapy, music, spiritual support, relaxation techniques and the newest approach, the ocean drum. This technique provides sounds of the ocean via a large drum with steel beads inside. When moved slowly, this drum provides the sounds of the ocean waves. Each person is also offered opportunities to use computers to maintain their contacts via e-mail, Facebook, game playing and to do banking online. Those who are not familiar with the computer will be provided instruction. They also can play the Wii, the Zone, Guitar Hero and other innovative approaches. we will soon have Xbox Kinect for everyone to enjoy as well. Every person can participate either Catholic or Protestant services, receive visits from their respective churches or from our Staff Chaplain.

Each and every person is encouraged and given opportunity to be involved in leisure activities and facility events to help increase their overall tolerance and individual needs.

Arcadia Suites offers very individualized activities due to their intensive therapy schedules. Each person is offered the opportunity to attend facility events, while their day to day programs are designed to fit their individual needs and interests. Each week they have the opportunity to participate in a Happy Hour with beverages and appetizers, interacting with their peers and family members. They are offered computer access 24/7 and have a dayroom that provides “normalizing” activities to assist in their return home – Movies, Football Games and other sporting events on a flat screen television, games such as Black Jack, Cribbage and Checkers. They can also play the Nintendo Wii to assist in their strengthening and balance or merely relax in a calm, quiet environment. They are also offered the same relaxation technique offered on Sub-Acute.

The Pavilions Unit is the home to our long term care residents. Again, each resident is offered activities to meet their interests, needs and abilities. The movement to Music Program is an exercise program that is offered daily to increase or maintain circulation and/or range of motion. Other programs to maintain physical fitness are Whoga (Wheelchair Yoga), Nintendo Wii, The Zone Game and other physical games like target toss, bowling and golf. One of their most favorite activities is the Arizona Snowball fight. This event brings back many memories for those brought up in “snow” country and some of the residents get very serious as they pound the staff and each other with large marshmallows! Other events they enjoy are: Computer 101 (learning the basics of e-mail, Google, Facebook and more), crafts, cooking class or food crafts, art, creative writing, song writing, and other approaches that are the latest in the senior industry. They are also offered at least 2 outings per month where our facility bus takes them to local restaurants, casinos, picnics in the park, shopping and light tours during the holidays. The Resident Council Meeting, which is the self-governing group for the residents, meets monthly to make suggestions to each department on ways to make their home a better place to live. The council also votes on which outings they want to go on the following month.

Those who cannot participate in the above functions are provided sensory stimulation or sensory calming through a variety of approaches. The K.I.T. Program (Keep in Touch) is a sensory program offered to prior to lunch to increase awareness of themselves, others and the world around them, which in turn will increase appetite and intake. Another sensory program offered is the Awakenings program that takes place in the Pavilions dayroom. This program offers modified versions of games and interactions so that residents may continue playing games, etc. at their current level of ability. These two groups offer visual, tactile and mental stimulation to maintain or increase each person’s alertness and enjoyment.

Residents who choose not to come out of their rooms or who are unable due to health reasons are offered social visits, provided with in room activities i.e., crafts, movies, etc. Those with low activity tolerance receive lotion massage, music, poetry reading, pet visits and gentle touch.

Palm Valley has two cats, Rascal and Callie who live here 24/7 and we have many therapy dog teams coming in from the community with their volunteer masters.

Ocean drumming is the newest approach Activity Staff is using with our residents. The drum decreases anxiety and pain and assists in the relaxation process.

The Veranda Unit, which is the dementia unit, is set up on a Social Model of Care, where everything is considered an activity. Their calendar is very flexible and activities can be changed to fit the need and interest at the time. There are a variety of options available if one activity doesn’t work. Activities are set up in organized groups – large and small, one to one and independent so that each person has an opportunity for enrichment of their lives, no matter what stage of dementia they may be in. The residents really enjoy their Mystery Bus Ride they go on each Friday morning. The residents on Veranda really enjoy food crafts, exercise programs, crafts, Karaoke, and music on and off the unit where they attend special music events weekly.

The Snoezelen Room (multi-sensory room) is on the Veranda unit. The Snoezelen Effect was designed in Holland in the 1980’s for developmentally disabled children and in the 1990’s it was discovered to be very successful for persons with dementia. The room if filled with dancing lights, aromatherapy and sound and is used to increase alertness, decrease agitation and to provide a calm atmosphere. The room has been very beneficial to those with advanced dementia where eye tracking and awake times have increased and anxiety has decreased. Several Snoezelen pieces of equipment are available for one to one use on other units.

The Pathways Unit is a non-dementia unit where activities are used to help decrease certain behaviors. A behavior plan is designed for each resident and their involvement in activities is part of that plan. If they are active and involved, behaviors diminish or become less severe. They enjoy Karaoke, the Wii, Bingo, crafts, food crafts, adaptive sports, movies and exercise each day. They also enjoy Whoga and ocean drumming. The residents go on bus rides two time a month for sightseeing. The activities are designed to provide an outlet throughout their day. They hold a Town Hall Meeting each month to discuss ways to improve their unit and life while at Palm Valley.

Our facility Chaplain offers church services in the main activity area weekly along with one to one visits for those needing spiritual assistance or prayer. She holds services on Pathways and Pavilions weekly and visits anyone who may be hospitalized from Palm Valley. The Chaplain also provides end of life care and services, and other activity staff are trained to do the same. Palm Valley has two outside communities who assist with church on Sunday mornings as well as a volunteer gospel singer who gives of his time the 2nd Saturday of every month. St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church holds a service each week and the priest attends 1 Wednesday per month. The Sacrament is provided on a regular basis and a full mass is extended to our community at Christmas and Easter.

We work very closely with schools, churches and other organizations to provide a wealth of community events offered in the facility. When staying at Palm Valley you never know what you will see, from Mariachis, to pre-school children singing and playing games, to a cowboy on his horse in the main activity area.

Palm Valley offers activities 365 days per year and the Activity Staff provide the quality of life each person so richly deserves


A registered dietician plans and oversees special diets and individual needs as per doctor order and recommendations. Input from families and patients are always welcome. Meals are served in our spacious dining room for Sub-Acute and Long Term Care residents. Our two secured units have the tray service in the units for both resident safety and comfort. We also have a restorative dining room, this room is for our residents who need dining assistance.