About Our Care

Palm Valley invites you to experience our team of professionals that are dedicated the quality of life can care for each of our guests. We believe our commitment to uncompromising care on a daily basis is what each guest deserves. Palm Valley provides and elegance wrapped in love and care.

Palm Valley Rehabilitation & Care Center is proud to provide several levels of care:

About Care

Sub-Acute and Respiratory Care:

  • Inpatient rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy
  • Restorative Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Pain is the fifth vital sign and we believe that having good pain management increases quality of life and renewed interest in wellness and life itself.
  • State of the art gym and equipment.
  • IV Therapy, Certified wound team as well as many other nursing services.
  • Multi-disciplinary team working together to meet the needs of the patient and to prepare them to return to the community.
  • Pulmonologist Lead Respiratory Program
  • Respiratory Therapist 24/7
  • Ventilatory Management / Weaning
  • Trachostomy Care
  • Bipap / Cpap
  • High Flow Oxygen

Arcadia Suites (Sub-acute level of care):

Our newest addition specializing in Cardiac and Orthopedic rehabilitation Programs. Our unique patient-centered program emphasizes a personalized approach to recovery through the key components of exercise, education, encouragement and lifestyle management. Through specialized training of our nursing staff and innovative programs, Arcadia Suites at Palm Valley Rehabilitation and Care Center is cutting edge in terms of specialized rehabilitation. These programs, coupled with a custom designed unit and an exceptional comprehensive care team, ensures maximum rehabilitation to regain physical strength and confidence to resume an active lifestyle.

Arcadia Suites

Cardiac Rehabilitation utilizes care that uses exercise and education to help people recover from heart-related illnesses, while our Orthopedic Rehabilitation provides an individualized program of highly aggressive rehabilitation. Our new aquatic program features a state-of-the-art Hydro Worx 1000 Aquatic Therapy Pool that will allow treatment for multiple diagnoses, such as post-surgical patients with weight-education from a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician.

Our exceptional comprehensive care team works together with the patient and family to develop a program of care that maximizes the patient’s functional abilities. Most importantly, our team prepares the patient to meet goals to return to the community. This requires individualized plans of care based on the patient’s physical abilities and needs.


We provide excellent services to our long term care/extended care family. Providing an environment of caring and love so our residents feel at home at all times. We provide continuous care to meet the needs of your loved ones. Licensed Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants provide 24 hour nursing care and work closely with the multidisciplinary team to develop an individualized care plan to promote a healthy lifestyle.



This unit specializes in dementia care for the moderate to severely cognitively impaired individuals. Our staff are specifically trained in dementia care and are dedicated to providing a unique and individualized approach in caring for your loved one. For those individuals who like to wander, families have the peace of mind of knowing our unit is secure and safe. Our activity program is designed to be interactive and engaging to our residents.


This unit provides care to those individuals who are behaviorally challenged. The Palm Valley team identifies, monitors, and modifies those behaviors that are not acceptable in the community. In the security of our unit, it is the goal of the staff to provide a safe, stable and consistent environment for our most challenging residents. All staff are trained and receive continuing education specific to our residents’ needs.

Respite Services:

We offer respite services to families who need to get away to care for themselves and for families whose primary caregiver may be hospitalized. This offers families a “worry-free” vacation or to be able to concentrate on the acute illness of their loved one.


End of life care is very important to the staff at Palm Valley. We believe that those nearing the end of life deserve all the comfort and dignity that we can provide them. We are able to continue to care for your loved ones even if placed on Hospice inpatient or respite care. We offer chaplain care and comfort activities that include music, lotion, prayer and support.